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Axelo Inc. is located in Austin, Texas and was incorporated in Delaware on Nov. 7, 2007. Axelo Inc. develops advanced movement detection technology enabling innovative devices for Home Entertainment. Axelo's technology provides a self-contained and accurate device which in turn provides a simple and easy manufacturing process that is critical for the consumer market. Axelo's technology is based on a highly advanced integration of sensing devices with state-of-the art signal processing that optimizes responsiveness and reliability. The company is combining that core technology with more advances in the field of PC and multimedia technology to create innovative and highly functional systems for Home Entertainment.

Axelo Inc. has targeted the Video Gaming segment of the Home Entertainment industry. Axelo Inc is well surrounded with a growing & respected number of video gaming companies in Austin, TX thereby leveraging its strategic location as a major hub for gamers, game development and related gaming products. Axelo Inc first product launch in the video gaming market segment is a 3-Dimensional (3D) natural movement based game controller called the Axelo BAT controller. Axelo Inc. together with our lead customers are extremely excited about the launch of the Axelo BAT controller since the integration of solid state sensing technology provides a totally new and unparalleled video gaming experience. The video gaming experience with Axelo's BAT game controller is a quantum leap from the conventional video game play.

Whether your gaming preference is to play via the classic thumb control or take full advantage of the game controller's 3D natural movement features to either fly, race or control a character's movement as in a FPS genre game, the Axelo BAT will allow you to explore old video games in a new way or new video games in an unparalleled way.


Pierre A. Touma, CEO & Founder

B.Eng. , M.Eng. , Master Technology Innovation Management

Technology Innovation Entrepreneur and Technologist with over 23 years experience with High Tech, Telemedicine and e-Health companies (Andries Tek, Nasa MCTTC, USIS, ARIG). Director of product development and technology transfer for Telemedicine applications at Andries Tek and Nasa MCTTC. VP of Marketing and Business Development for Microchip-based medical records with VitaLinx. Entrepreneur-in-residence at ARIG developed business model and launched medical software start-up in MENA region. Pierre holds several degree's including B. Eng (Electrical Engineering) and Masters in Engineering (Industrial) from Texas A&M University and Masters in Innovation Technology Management from Ecole Centrale de Paris in France.

Ravi K. Rao, COO

B.Eng , M.Eng.

Strategic Marketing and Alliances entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in high-tech management for MIC Electronics, Akros TechLabs, Motion Pixel Corporation, Shakti Solutions, IndusRAD, VitaLinx, USIS, Online Services Corp and Sulekha, Director of Strategic Alliances for Gemalto (Formerly called Schlumberger Smart Cards) - Microchip technology, Flight Simulation Technology (CAE) and Optical Communications (Nortel). Established partnerships with Best-in-Class solutions. Currently on the Board of Directors for Celestial Technologies Corporation and Sports LED Media. Ravi holds several degree's including a B.Eng (Computer) and M.Eng (Electrical) from Concordia University.

F. Thomas Prescott, President

BSEngr., Univ. Engr. Staff Member, FAA DER, Commercial/Instructor/Instrument Pilot

Entrepreneur with more than 40 years of professional management experience and founder of two aerospace manufacturing companies, Prescott Aeronautical in the 1990s and Prescott Products Corporation, in the 2000s, at each, writing the plan, raising the capital, completing the design and manufacturing a new aircraft and aviation related products. During the 1970s and 80s, professional experience includes working with: Sikorsky Aircraft providing technical support to the aircraft marketing department, and provided technical presentations directly to customers; Piper Aircraft Corporation managing and directing all flight-test programs, quality assurance, and served as Chief Flight Test Pilot with additional qualification as an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER); Gates Learjet Corporation, assuming the mantle of the Program Manager for directing and managing R&D for all new aircraft programs, accomplishing FAA certification of three major aircraft development programs; Beech Aircraft Corporation, where he managed military programs and proposals, including a culminating a significant contract win for design and manufacture of an Army remotely piloted vehicle. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, reported directly to the President to manage development of a new business jet, to include marketing, engineering analysis, major vendor selection, financial review and reporting for a $500,000,000.00 project.

Antonio Sticca, VP - Marketing & Business Development

B.Eng. , D.A.M.

Over twenty five years of experience in the high-tech sector, holding several key management positions with increasing level of responsibilities at CAE, Bell Canada, Nortel Networks and Analogix Development Corporation. Antonio launched Perfica Solutions Inc. in 2002 as a business development consultancy focused on providing strategic professional services to public (e.g. SR Telecom, Rogers Wireless, Starbucks) & private companies (e.g. Memotec, Stoneco, Tonmik, Nessbees, Omentis, BOEN Services).

Accomplished & experienced leader recognized in applying a rigorous discipline for business development & strategic marketing initiatives for high-tech & consumer products. Results-oriented, entrepreneurial, skilled at seizing timely business & market opportunities key to the P&L and/or mindshare capture. Proven ability to energize P&L (i.e. secure revenue, maximize profits, grow market share) & execute programs to invigorate cash flow so as to drive the business through relationships with strategic customers and partners. Antonio holds several degree's including a B. Eng from Concordia University and a Diploma in Applied Management (D.A.M.) from McGill University.

Jack Baldwin, VP - Sales


Diverse Entrepreneur and business professional with more than 12 years professional sales and management experience in the Restaurant/Hospitality, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Automotive industries. Founder of Auto Solutions Inc, Kool Karz Ltd, Prowler Off-Road, B3 brokers and Baldwin Restaurants Inc. Developed multiple sales strategies and strategic tools to close $MM deals within national organizations, state and government contracts. As hybrid Entrepreneur and Corporate Sales Executive, his diversity has played a huge role in his success within the industries served throughout his career. He has been successful player at generating long term business relationships to increase revenue and product volume both nationally and internationally. His passion for relationship building, new business development and sales management/training far exceeded personal and professional goals set as both Entrepreneur and Corporate Sales Executive.

Michael Lubker, Manager - Technology Marketing

Game development entrepreneur with 11 years experience. Michael has seen multiple angles of the game industry from his current position to career opportunities with David Perry in his community MMO project, as well as, at Aspyr Media and independently in various positions in videogame software development.

Michael was on the Advisory Board for the Independent Game Conference, as well as, creating many hours of content and/or speaking for the Independent Game Conference and has worked with gamer-consumers in the cybercafe arena. Michael also serves as Chair of the Independent Games Special Interest Group for the International Game Developers Association, as well as the Executive Producer for Zeolite Studios, an independent game development team. Michael has several certificates related to Game Design and Entrepreneurship from Austin Community College and the Rice Alliance, and has shipped several titles including titles in such famous franchises as The Sims, Supreme Commander, and the Anno series.


Peter Strople

Peter is regarded by many as one of the most connected people in North American business circles and is considered one of the world's great Rainmakers. He calls on a dream list of Global business, organizational, and political leaders to provide immediate feedback to validate business ideas, strategy, leadership, and investments.

Peter is a founder of Z3 Partners and the CEO and Founder of Zero2 Holdings. He was Founder of Zero2 Ventures, an Austin, Texas based business strategy and investment firm founded in 1996 and eventually sold to MacFarlane & Gordon in 2000. He was formerly a Director at Dell Computers, where he played a key role in getting Dell back into the portable computer space. Prior to Dell, Peter was an Executive with GRiD Systems Corporation (the Inventor of our modern clamshell laptop computer), which was sold to AST Computers in 1993.

Through his private investment firm Inside the Blueline Ventures, he has equity in companies such as USFR Media Group (Cowboys & Indians Magazine and America One TV), Salient Systems, Aruna Solutions, Crossroads, Advanced Power, PowerTube, Emscan, and Dominion Laser. Peter is an Associate Partner with Blackhawk Partners, New York.

Peter is a member of the Advisory Board of Children Mending Hearts and sits on the boards of Refuge House Foster Care & Adoption Agency (President Emeritus), Texas School for the Deaf Foundation, and Rachel's Challenge.

He is a regular speaker at business schools and conferences around the world. In 2008, he created "Friends of Peter" which is used to bring business and community leaders together to effect "Instant Change" as it relates to the critical business and social needs of a community or country.

Daylight Partners

Daylight Partners is a unique venture capital firm which seeks out entrepreneurs who value our operational experience and functional expertise as much as our capital commitment to their venture. Eleven former executives with expertise in marketing, operations, manufacturing, finance, information technology, technological innovation, accounting, real estate, oil and gas, as well as overall corporate management, are driven to have Daylight Partners take an active role in helping mid-stage companies turbo-charge their growth initiatives. While having made investments nationally, Daylight Partners has a particular affinity for Texas-based companies.

Harvey Ring

Mr. Ring is the President of Ring Investments, LP, Mr. Ring served as the Vice President of Dellware for Dell Computer Corporation.   He has over 35 years of experience in the technology industry and has held executive positions in companies such as MicroWarehouse, Microcom, British Telecom, ITT and ADP. He has also managed two VC backed startup companies as CEO. Mr. Ring has served for 5 years on the Board of the Austin Technology Council and retired to Emeritus Board status this year. Mr. Ring holds several degree's including B.S.E (Physics), M.S. (Physics),Ph.D. (High Energy Physics), M.B.A. (Marketing and Finance) from University of Michigan.

Steve Wagh

Over 30 years experience in the high-tech industry, Steve offers his leadership and advice to many startup companies in the Central Texas area. He began his career with IBM and for 14 years worked in software development, microcomputer sales, PC marketing strategy and product planning.

In 1984, Steve co-founded Brown-Wagh Publishing. Located in Los Gatos, California, Brown-Wagh Publishing introduced and marketed over 100 leading-edge software and hardware products through retail outlets and OEM channels worldwide.   Major hits included PrintMaster™ , which became a perennial leader in the low-end desktop publishing market, and Sound Blaster™ , which became the breakout product for multimedia applications. Brown-Wagh Publishing was able to earn annual revenues exceeding $80 million with only 16 employees.

Evan Van Zelfden

Mr. Van Zelfden is a well respected video gaming journalist for numerous magazines and web sites, including the Reuters news agency, Conde Nast and The Economist.

Xiao Zhang

Mr. Zhang directs business operations for IBM's Global Integrated Supply Chain. He is an IBM Intellectual Property (IP) review board member, generating values from IP assets. Texas Emerging Technology Fund ($400 million) review board member, evaluating early stage companies on technical merits & commercial viability.


The technology detects and quantifies movement by measuring inertial displacement through micro mechanical sensors built in solid state devices. Software is required for signal processing and amplification in order to obtain a response in line with more expensive electromechanical mechanical systems. The technology and its application for entertainment and simulation/training is patent pending with some critical firmware treated as a trade secret.

  • Advanced 3D Sensing Technology;
  • Integration of sensing device with state-of-the-art signal processing;
  • Firmware-based design to optimize manufacturability;
  • Open System approach compatible with existing and future games;
  • Self-contained technology;
  • Optimal robustness and reliability
Buy the Axelo BAT Game controller for the PC and Mac, featuring 3D Natural Motion (patent pending)