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Corporate Headquarters:

Axelo, Inc.

3925 West Braker Lane Austin, TX 78759 USA Office: 512.275.6546 E-mail: Website:

Customer Service:

Axelo Inc. strives to provide consumers and our customers with a best-in-class service experience. Our service strategy is geared towards achieving the best customer satisfaction and customer loyalty indexes.

If you require additional information, kindly fill out and e-mail the contact form below or call one of our representatives in our customer service department.

E-mail: Tel.: 512.275.6498

Channels (Publishers & Distributors)

For all inquiries and additional information for strategic alliances, kindly contact:

Ravi Rao - VP Strategic Alliances

Axelo Inc.

3925 West Braker Lane Austin, Texas 78759 USA Email: Office: 512.275.6546 Mobile: 512.785.7978