Partnerships Overview

Axelo Inc. has developed a few programs that allow software developers, as well as, engine middleware developers to interactively engage our technology team with the goal of nurturing synergistic efforts between Axelo Inc and it's respective partners so as to provide the gamer an enriched & unparalleled gaming experience. Axelo Inc is actively pursing several strategic engagements to ensure that the Axelo BAT is available to the consumer market at large.

Imagine having a single game controller which can play across multiple platforms while always having the latest features and provides the gamer with an unparalleled gaming experience via natural movement control. The Axelo BAT has disruptive functionalities and stands to become a consumer's Universal & Next Generation game controller all-the-time!

Axelo Inc. fosters discussions with parties to negotiate in good faith and enter into an agreement governing the relationship whereby the terms and conditions of a definitive agreement shall include standard terms and conditions generally accepted for relationships of similar types.

Pilot Program

Axelo's pilot program with potential partners provides you the game developer with Axelo's BAT game controller for a FREE trial basis over a limited time period, as well as special offers on our technology. Our technology team will assist and support all Axelo pilot program activities, including the familiarization of the inherent features and uniqueness of the Axelo BAT game controller.

As part of Axelo's pilot program, potential partners are encouraged to test the unit provided during the FREE trial period with software gaming titles and/or engine middleware. At the completion of Axelo's Pilot program, an Axelo "registered" software partner can apply for the BAT BADGE certification program. This program will provide the Axelo "registered" partner with a significantly increased level of technical support for FULL product compliancy with software and/or middleware.

To learn more about the BAT BADGE certification program, please refer to the next section of our Partners programs.

BADGE Program

The BAT BADGE program allows game developers the ability to give their customers confidence in their titles. PC gamers have been increasingly neglected in the wake of increasing console game sales. The BAT Badge program gives you, the game developer, the ability to take some of that market share back!

By completing the innovative Axelo BAT Badge program for your title, you can offer new, remarkable depth and functionality to your titles. Instead of simply controlling the game, the BAT allows gamers the ability to participate naturally with the game environment in an intuitive manner. Why should console games be the only titles to offer innovative motion interaction? The Axelo BAT Badge program ensures that when a user picks up your game title, they know that they can expect a working and exciting game play experience right out of the box without time-wasting tweaking of mapping and sensitivity settings.

Buy the Axelo BAT Game controller for the PC and Mac, featuring 3D Natural Motion (patent pending)