Austin, Texas has the largest bat population on the globe with the arrival of the Mexican free-tail bat in the early summer; this event is recognized as a major tourist attraction and subsequently Axelo Inc. appropriately named its' game controller the Axelo BAT. Moreover, the Axelo team diligently procured a game controller clamshell which was modeled and mimicked the actual shape, color and texture of a real bat. By bringing forth the pioneers who creatively launched the video gaming world while combining the highly advanced sensing technologies of Axelo Inc (i.e. which has made its' roost in Austin), Axelo will launch its first video gaming product.

The Axelo BAT technology is an innovative blend of state-of-the-art technology and advanced ergonomics. The BAT is the ultimate "gaming peripheral", undeniably the gaming community will recognize the heightened functionalities of this innovative controller, as it experiences the intense speed, maneuverability and "live the action" play - all before the sun comes up! Play in the darkness, as it offers gamers an organic touch in the control of objects or characters in 2D and 3D games. Its unique 3D capability allows natural movement control for racing, adventure, flight simulation and first person shooter (FPS) games. No need to hang upside down to ward off your predators; its dual nature allows rigorous gamers to switch between movement-based control and classic thumb-based control for better concentration and competitiveness.

The Axelo BAT is engineered to become the universal controller across multiple platforms while maintaining state-of-the-art expansion, the quintessential Hand Wing for all professional gaming encounters and the Master of the Nighttime. The Axelo BAT offers the gamer the best price-to-value ratio with product attributes that are truly unique in video gaming:

Axelo's BAT controller is Universal Axelo's BAT controller is State-of-the-art Axelo's BAT controller is Next-generation Axelo's BAT controller is Disruptive Axelo's BAT controller is a Premium design


Axelo's BAT controller features
The Axelo BAT premium features extend beyond those aforementioned and include but are not limited to:
• Open system with any gamepad compatible PC game
• Upcoming compatibility with gaming consoles
• Backward compatible with existing PC games
• Robust and accurate technology


Axelo's adoption of state-of-the-art peripheral technology, combined with a well positioned market strategy, will drive the BAT controller to be a product leader!

-- Bart Bohn, Austin Technology Incubator

Axelo's product passion is contagious and they are confidently focused on execution.

-- Susan Davenport, Emerging Texas Fund, Regional Centers of Innovation and Commercialization member

Phenomenal experience that brings interaction to a whole other dimension for the gaming community.

-- Russell, Hard Core Gamer

Gotta get me one of those!

-- RealColdAcid, Casual Gamer


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